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Dog Linux 6 For PS3


Considering a version of Dog Linux 6 for using PS3? Would you settle for something even more interesting? The latest version of Linux for the PS3 has no defects of any kind and can now be installed without invalidating the warranty of the PS3. The sky is the limit to what you can do with this, and if you want to know why only then read on. This new version just makes your PS3 into a giant machine for processing all in one system your game. Your PS3 will become a powerful multi-tasking Linux computer. You can also have Microsoft Windows running as an operating system with this new version, which also makes the system into a PC! Now is not that... read more >>

How to Migrate From Windows to Linux


Introduction When a few years ago I decided to move from Windows to Linux (I created on my machine separate partitions for Linux and booted from Lilo or Grub either into Windows or into Linux, according to job requirements. I normally used my laptop PC during the day in a company that had a Windows based LAN and therefore I normally had to boot in Windows during the day whereas I would boot into either Windows or Linux at home. This approach has a few disadvantages as follows: My work e-mails were in Microsoft Outlook and I had to boot under Windows to access them. I used KMail (and later Mozilla Thundirbird) for my personal e-mails and I had... read more >>

Ubuntu Requirements


Ubuntu has its tradition to release a new version of their software within every six months, which is usually in April and October. This leads to a pertinent question that should arise. It ‘really needs to update your piece of hardware every six months, in order to receive more features? In order to get the updates without unnecessarily spend your hard-earned cash every time; you should be aware of system requirements. There are three versions of Ubuntu, that is, Server Edition, the edition desktop and notebook remix. As the name indicates this latest edition is primarily intended for users Netbook. Although it is actually possible to install... read more >>