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Linux Vs Windows Web Hosting Servers


Most of the time when working in web development there will be two types of operating systems for a web server, Linux and Windows. When you hear Linux Server and Windows Server, you are just hearing the different operating systems the server will be running. This can be a big deal if you have certain expectations. Usually you will have one main question, which one is better? There really isn’t an answer to this. It is more on the developer and what he is trying to accomplish. Operating System Common Features There are a few common features both Windows and Linux will provide. One is how you transfer your files. Both Windows and Linux support... read more >>

Why Linux Hosting is the Best Hosting Choice By Justin Knights


There are many operating systems that you can choose for your website when you select a web hosting company. Some companies are cheaper while others are charging more for their services. The important thing is, different hosting plans will provide you with different resources. One affordable service that you can choose out there is the service from Magic Host. You can opt for their shared hosting service because it is affordable. You won’t need a huge budget to have a website and with Magic Host, you can be well satisfied with your investment if you choose them. Among all the operating system like Windows, Linux, Solaris and Oracle, the... read more >>

How to Obtain the Right Linux Indicator Tool


Many organizations are now using the Linux indicator tool for the success of their business. Actually, it is not hard for one to get this program because they are literally everywhere. In fact, if you try to search for one right now using your favorite search engine, you can find several results already. This is a proof that the popularity of the Linux indicator tool has increased over the last few years. The indicator for Linux is widely available today but since there are numerous of them, you will find it hard to look for the right one. Instead of settling for the ones that are not very expensive, it is advisable that you try them out first.... read more >>

How Valuable is Linux Certification?


Acquiring an international certification or becoming certified indicates that you have completed the primary steps and have the sufficient knowledge required in order to become certified. It simply proves that you are good in your field being an IT professional. A certification like Linux certification simply proves to your employer and your clients that your expertise and skills are being recognized by an international certification like Linux and is really beneficial to the IT people. Having such certification is always a bi help to your career in landing better jobs in the future. In order to become certified you only have to follow the steps... read more >>

Compare Linux and Unix


There are many operating systems available on the market today. Two operating system much like that we can find is the Linux and UNIX. However, there is a big problem of knowledge for you to choose what is best for you. An obvious comparison is to be done in order to know that it is more appropriate. If you have small or medium scale, a Linux system is suitable for you. Larger organizations are used to using a UNIX system, but there are signs of change that is increasingly starting to use Linux. Linux was not the ideal choice for large enterprises, because it seemed he could manage the network, but this has taken a turn in recent years. This is... read more >>