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Some players have used dog Linux for PS3, but many are not so satisfied. The thing is, a program for Linux to a PS3 game can be a truly great thing, but the installation can often interfere with any updates for the Sony game system, and also, you may void the warranty on the PS3. That is why the latest release was created – which does not interfere with any future updates for the Sony PS3, and not any of the updates from Sony interfere with this new program for PS3 Linux … and better yet, installation is done in a way that does not invalidate the warranty of the system of play.

This version allows more recently for the same guarantee of safety, the installation of Yellow Dog Linux for PS3 and Ubuntu Linux. Once installed, the PS3 will be a multi-tasking Linux computer, but you also have Microsoft Windows running as an operating system, this convention that makes a PC machine as well! You can then go online with it and to download anything to use, including games for PS3, PC games, and more.

Even the games for other platforms, like those cool SNES games we used to know and love (someone remembers Ninja Gaiden or Castle Shadowgate?) As well as all PC applications too! Not forget all the movies you can download and see. The fact is, we would have a number of machines throughout your system a little game! Now think for a while ‘here, that sure beats some run-of-the-mill download Dog Linux for PS3, right?

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