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The Linux platform is one of the most used platforms we have today. Although there are others on the market today, but Linux still stand strong. There are obvious reasons to explain why it is still one of the most popular operating system.

The Linux remains as one of the favorites mainly because of its advantage of having open-source programming languages such as HPH, Perl and Python. The price of this type of system is also one of many considerations that lead to webmaster use it. At bottom, this operating system is very convenient but powerful. Also supports a wide range of tools that can meet the needs of webmasters.

Linux is also known for its level of security. It should be noted that this system experience less interference from viruses, worms or intrusion. Therefore, this high-level security can keep a user’s mind at ease. The performance of this system is also incredible that helps to minimize the downtime that may occur to your website. This is a great advantage because it means that your site will remain stable and consistent in almost all the time and make it easier for visitors to return.

After all these years, the Linux still has great usability. It used to be very complex and it was very difficult for new users who do not have the experience. So, IT professionals mostly used it. As the industry evolves, so too, and Linux has become easier to use the new arrivals, even the manufacturers site may be used. E ‘has become more global, but still has control and stability. Therefore, it has become increasingly ideal for normal desktop users.

So to say, this operating system was actually based on UNIX platform. But unlike it, the Linux has several versions, but maintaining its unique characteristics. E ‘can perform multiple tasks simultaneously, without reducing the performance of the server. Therefore, Linux has emerged as one of the leading operating system for all the needs of hosting.

In general, a Linux system is certainly an operating system that can be taken into account. E ‘convenient, powerful and versatile and offers high security. I hope, therefore, strongly advised to seek a provider that is shipped with a Linux system.

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