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Linux hosting is a popular choice for web hosting among various companies and designers for a number of reasons, not least of which being the price. Web hosting refers to the provision of space on a server to host a website, and these servers must include the necessary software, such as operating systems, developmental languages, etc, to effectively store and deliver them. Developers who choose to employ Linux hosting options have all these programs available to them at a very affordable price.

Linux is an open source operating system that has been widely adapted by many web hosting providers. An open source program is free to the public and can even be changed and modified to meet any unique need. That is why Linux hosting is so much cheaper than a server with a commercial operating system.

In the past, users have been hesitant to use a Linux hosting solution because of the fear that it would not have the same support as a commercial system, or that the necessary programs would not be available or would at least be less powerful than their proprietary alternatives. But as the Linux community has grown, that has become less and less of a worry. In fact, there are many open source programs that are the preferred choice in the industry.

For example, a functional web server requires an HTTP server, developmental language, database management software, and, of course, an operating system. There are powerful, respected open source solutions for all of these requirements, and they all work extremely well on a Linux machine. With Linux as the operating system the available programs include the Apache server, PHP developmental language, and MySQL database. Together these programs offer developers and designers an affordable, stable way to host websites of all shapes and sizes.

Not only is Linux hosting a cost saving measure, but it is also a very secure and stable platform. Even in the face of high traffic patterns, the resource-efficient operating system can remain much more stable than its commercial alternative. Server downtime can seriously damage a fledgling business. In truth, though, it can even do impressive damage to a large established company as well. And that is why the dependability offered by a Linux hosting system is another reason it is such a popular web server operating system.

Open source software is becoming more and more popular among developers. Because of its communal nature, there are quite often scripts and programs that have been developed and put online for anyone to take advantage of. Using a Linux hosting solution allows you to employ these free programs and easily implement them into your affordable, stable, and secure web server.

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