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Among all the programming language used to build a website, Linux is the one most widely used. There must be a reason that Linux is the most popular and let is find out why.

First of all, the Linux operating system brings many good things to the webmaster beginning with its availability. Linux is easily obtainable because it is an open source programming that has languages such as PHP, Perl and Python. An open source also means that it is cheaper than other platforms. Although being affordable, it is powerful because it supports a wide range of applications, scripts and special tools like Mod Rewrite and .htaccess file.

Linux also shows superiority in security. It is tremendously suitable for a network server setting if you compare it with other platforms like Mac or Windows. Statistics have shown that less virus, worms or intrusion could penetrate into a Linux system. With the security so dependable, you can also expect a better uptime for your website. So and so, the Linux really delivers a splendid choice for a hosting solution.

In the beginning, Linux was a very complicated system to be operated by users but as the years go by, the system has improved to be user friendly especially for new users. So, not only IT professionals can use Linux now, normal users can get their hand on it too with ease. Nevertheless, majority users are still IT professionals because they have the technical abilities to fully utilize the functionality of the Linux system. Due to this improvement of usability, the system is now not only limited to network environment usage but also is ideal for desktop solution for home users as well.

The Linux system is also famous for its capability to operate more than one process at one time without decreasing the performance of the server. Based from the Unix platform, Linux is not only powerful but versatile for many hosting needs.

Therefore, if you are considering for a certain type of hosting or your website, you should definitely take a look further on the Linux operating platform. It is definitely affordability that comes with superb features and function for you to utilize.

A last piece of advice

Web hosting is a topic that every business owner and web developer has to deal with. I am sure that most of us have been pretty frustrated with shady web hosts and biased hosting reviews. There are sites however, who are dedicated to reviewing and providing information about different web hosts.

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