Linux Tape Backup Software

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Linux Tape Backup Software

If you want to store files in a secure, there are few better options of Linux software tape backup. Yes, this software may be used only if you have a computer based on Linux, and can be used on a regular basis or once a week, or every day.

Another option is to use it remotely, back up files from computers connected to yours. If you use a cron job you can also automate the process, without any work on your part. The cron command allows you to receive a notification via email when the backup process is completed.

The reasons for tape backup

many people have experienced in the past, it hangs on your computer, losing contact with customers, your valuable data and files, caused by a hard drive crash. If you have had that trouble in the past, you already know how important it can be to keep your information secure.

It can be very costly loss of so much information and files during a crash the hard drive. Beside that, in addition to losing all that important files, you lose time trying to recover and rebuild the database.

The suggestions below can be used to make sure not to lose a lot of money and time when such an incident occurs. Measures should be taken are simple, so it should not be a problem for you. You probably already know that you should back up the information that is important, but you might think that it will not happen to you, so do nothing.

To back up the computer, all you have to do is to replicate the data you want saved on another computer, so that if one crashes the primary is still up.

You can put backups in a number of places, including floppy disks, CDs or other storage media. You can do a number of storage mediums, and then recovered when it is necessary to restore lost files.

In many cases, companies use tape for backup data, because costs are low considering the amount of space they have to offer. They are more convenient to use than a hard drive would be, and is in possession of data much more than a floppy disk or CD.

You also have the option of saving all data in a place far from home, but not everyone is comfortable with their information was kept in another place.

Using Linux Tape Backup Software

To use the backup to tape you must use a program to back up files, and runs on Linux machines. There are a lot of applications and solutions that are out there, some more functional than others.

Some of them also offer the ability to back up multiple computers at once, from a central location. Depending on what you need, you must select the best software for you.

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