Run Windows on a Ubuntu Computer

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So you lastly made the hurdle to Ubuntu and now have a Ubuntu mainframe. First of all, congratulations for making the hurdle! But you realized you will not be able to run your darling Windows plans you’ve been with for the forgotten numerous days.

No obstacle. There are 2 gears you can do to guarantee you’ll still be able to use Windows plans on your Ubuntu computer. The first thing you can do is run a “dual-wader” order. This requires you to be able to use Ubuntu and Windows XP on the same coerce. When you want to use a Windows plan, all you have to do is close down your computer and rewader to Windows.

This is made promising by the wadershipmenter located in Ubuntu called “excavate”. It allocates you to induct against the same hard coerce as a before Windows inductation. You have to found the floppy section (or partition) to shipment Ubuntu and make positive it is part from the Windows inductation. Once you do that, you can induct Ubuntu lacking moving your recent Windows partition.

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Another thing you can do is run your Windows working order in “virtual method” inside Ubuntu. This means you can run the full Windows working order inside Ubuntu lacking requiring a rewader. This allocates you to use your darling Windows computers lacking rewadering because the Windows working order is operation in a part space.

What are some good plans you can down shipment that allocate you to run Windows in virual method inside a Ubuntu computer? A good one is called Virtual Box by Sun Microorders. You just induct it and induct your Windows inductation inside the plan. It isn’t sincerely too hard.

Of course, the best way to have a Ubuntu computer that runs wholly is to have “replacement” plans that take the place of the Windows plans you worn a lot. There is an open spring plan for almost every Windows plan out there. There will be some “adjusting” as you get worn to these new plans on your Ubuntu computer, but you’ll be able to run these plans natively which will be a LOT nearer on your order.

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