Stealth iBot a Tiny Computer Spy Device

brickhousesecurity 300x156 Stealth iBot a Tiny Computer Spy Device


Being curious is not a bad things and finding what makes you curious is better. Actually you have right of being curious toward your children or your employers who behave not like they supposed to be, as a parents and employee you have right to find out the reason why.

Do you know that today most of people life, activity and schedule is actually traceable just from their computer. Well, you might not realize yet, from your conversation with friends through Instant Message, the schedule that you create or even the shopping list that you are going buy are simply typed to your computer and just by using a computer spy called Stealth iBot, all of the recent activities, from website history, emails contents, photo uploads are able to be traced just by a simply process of plug in to record the computer activity and whenever you ready then unplug the computer spy device and the time that you need is just about 5 seconds.

One more important thing from this device is after you do the history record, the owner of the computer will not find out that actually a computer spy just recorded all of the recent activities of their computer.

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