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If you are in web hosting, you could perhaps speak of Linux before. E ‘was introduced in 1991 and is coming to be one of the most popular operating system available on the market. E ‘emerged from one of the top choices that webmasters choose as well as Windows and Mac system OSX. One of the reasons Linux is popular because it is an open source. Many developers are constantly working to improve the system. There are many Linux distributions and let s look at those few people.

First, we want to recall here is Ubuntu. They are considered the most popular distribution out there, because it has characteristics that are comparable to Windows hosting. It is also important because it is designed to be more suitable as a desktop operating system, instead of being a server system.

The next type is Kubuntu. By its name, you might have guessed that is similar to Ubuntu. Yes it is. The two are very similar in their operations and functionality. However, using two different types of file systems. Besides this, the two systems are very similar in their functions and performance.

Then there is the Debian distribution. It is build on Ubuntu and Kubuntu. This is most commonly used in the web hosting industry. Although it is more difficult to operate, Debian is still very flexible. Can be used for both desktop and server operating system.

Another type of distribution called Fedora. This is usually included with packages dedicated hosting. This distribution is based on RedHat Linux. It is maintained by a commercial distribution, which is often in competition with Microsoft Windows. It is commonly used on older computers due to its limitation and its ability to use fewer resources.

Last but not least, we have CentOS. E ‘known as the Community Enterprise Operating System. This is also based on RedHat Linux. This distribution can be obtained free via the GPL and therefore, RedHat has received the benefit for many in the market, which has led to a more stable and secures performance. This distribution is increasingly popular and is now widely used as the forms in cPanel and WHM reseller hosting is used.

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