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If you new to the web and you are looking to get online then the first thing you need to do is find a hosting company. There are free and paid options. But if you are planning to use a web design company then it’s probably best to let them handle this for you; if that’s not the case, read on.

Looking for the right hosting service is an important step for a new business as from now on your business is available to the world and its image is important. You will be able to get more exposure and hopefully enjoy the fast way of promoting your business.

If you’ve looking around you will noticed the cost for web hosting is not very expensive, this is partly because of the technological progress and partly because of more people are jumping into the market therefore the price is the only factor that people can compete on.

About free web hosting
Hundreds of free web hosting providers offer their customers the opportunity to have their own domain hosted. But are these providers reliable for business purpose? The short answer is no. Why? Because they put ads on your website and also many of these providers will not offer you any sort of support. Not to mention that their servers are probably hired from another company. The downtime is usually poor with free hosting service. So you are serious about your business you need invest in paid hosting.

About paid web hosting
Paid hosting gives you more control and disk spaces. You will be billed monthly or, if you choose to, you can pay for a full year but I would recommend that you try at least two months before doing so. With a paid hosting you will get more control over your server, depending on what type of hosting you choose of course. But even with shared hosting you still get the full access to the cPanel, which is something that 95% of hosting providers would give you. In it you can add e-mail addresses to accommodate the needs of your business, create databases if you have a blog, backup data and track visitors, etc. A good email address is must because how serious would you take someone who has an e-mail like [email protected]? Would you do business with him? So for this reason alone I think you should definitely need to invest the money in a paid service.

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