Windows Based Hosting vs. Linux Based Hosting

If you are trying to get hosting for your website, there is an important decision that you do. Should get hosting based on Linux or Windows-based hosting? Here are some facts to help you decide what is best for your needs. At most hosting companies, there is no difference between hosting plans based on Linux and Windows based hosting plans.

Many people think that if you use a Windows operating system must use Windows-based hosting, but that is not the case. Many people who have Windows operating systems and the use of Linux-based Windows hosting. For Windows, like Linux, allow the use of PHP, MySQL database, and much more.

So, what is the difference between Windows and Linux based hosting?

Be ‘, the Windows-based hosting is better for hosting files created using technology based on Windows. For example, if you created a website in HTML using Windows FrontPage, ASP, or used or the environment. NET, or any other Windows program to create your site, you should choose Windows-based hosting. If you have not used the technology of Windows, then Linux-based host can be a good option.

Regarding security, there is really no difference between the choice, the choice of Windows Linux, and the difference is the hosting company you used, and the plane was registered to. Both applications hosting Windows-based hosting as well as Linux based applications have been modified. However, this is a general rule that the Windows-based hosting is more secure than Linux based hosting. While taking a decision, if you are not sure which to choose, call your host to support or send an e-mail explaining what you plan to host and what are the characteristics of your site. A web host technical support will be better able to help if he knows what you intend to do with your hosting account.

The Bottom Line: If you use any Windows program to create your website, click Windows-based hosting, if not, go with Linux based hosting.

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