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Considering a version of Dog Linux 6 for using PS3? Would you settle for something even more interesting? The latest version of Linux for the PS3 has no defects of any kind and can now be installed without invalidating the warranty of the PS3. The sky is the limit to what you can do with this, and if you want to know why only then read on. This new version just makes your PS3 into a giant machine for processing all in one system your game. Your PS3 will become a powerful multi-tasking Linux computer. You can also have Microsoft Windows running as an operating system with this new version, which also makes the system into a PC! Now is not that much colder than just an old version of Dog Linux 6 for PS3?

Now go online with it and download anything you can think of, including games for the PS3 and other platforms, the PC games … and do not forget the good old classic Nintendo games, and play them all until your eyes rot out of your skull. No more files with this version unplayable doing his job, because now he can play 50% more types of files in. Like if you, you can also download and run all PC applications that you like! Dang sweet if you ask me!

And remember something here … with all the things the PS3 game system can do now, you can also save a lot of space. What do I mean? Ponder that for just a second ‘… Do you have a problem with limited space where you hang out and play? It is your dorm tinier an Altoids box? You want to have and use a Linux computer, a PC, a sweet movie player and a gaming system killer, right. But where flying ‘are you going to fit everything in your shoebox of a crib? Directly into your PS3 gaming system, of course!

And dig this – the application of Linux does not interfere with any future updates to the PS3 you might want to do for your game system, not Sony’s updates will do anything to interfere with your PS3 Linux … And remember, the installation will not void your warranty out the PS3. This is one of those things where Dog Linux 6 for PS3 may have a problem. However, with this new system you can have an advanced version of Yellow Dog Linux as well!

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