Battle of the Hosting Platforms

Having a web hosting company to host your website is one thing common among webmasters nowadays. The question is: what kind of platform should I choose? You should opt for the Windows, Linux or Mac. Let us compare them to see what stands out in comparison.

The first thing the users compare is the price. Linux is known to be the cheapest among the three platforms. The other two are more expensive because of licensing issues, because they are the property of Microsoft and Apple. So, being an open source system, Linux can be obtained without having to pay. Many people turn to Linux because of this reason.

Another feature is tested for the stability of the platform. Even in this case, Linux is known as the platform more stable and is most suitable to be used as a hosting solution. The BSD system used by Mac and form the basis of the Unix system. An early-type platform around. This also makes Max a very stable hosting option. As for Windows, are less stable and often have problems like blue screens, freeze and crash. However, Microsoft has made much progress over the years. However, Linux is still the one to turn to when it comes to stability.

Then there is the need to be easy to use. For this, the operating platforms need to be simple and easy to use. To be able to use a Linux operating platform, you will need to be equipped with some technical skills because it uses commands similar to DOS systems. Therefore, Linux is more difficult to manage than Windows or Mac this is because the other two systems use graphical interfaces and this is usually more user friendly. This interface will be largely force users to click and select according to the administration process on the screen.

So, based on the history of the industry, Linux is the platform for longer around, but the other two systems also have a deep background. The Mac hosting is becoming increasingly popular due to its application to solid depending on the scenario. No matter what, all three choices could serve well as long as you are using for your website. If you need your own server, you must choose wisely. In conclusion, with a small price, you can have a good platform to work on your website.

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