Perfect Web Hosting Company  – The Best Web Hosting Company

Perfect Web Hosting Company – The Best Web Hosting Company

The Best Web Hosting CompanyDecide on who is the best web hosting company is not a situation of life or death, but doing your homework will save you money and, most importantly, headaches down the road. There are lots of web hosting companies will do a good job to meet your needs, however, can not simply choose one blindly, because, unfortunately, there are also web hosting companies that are obviously just trying to scam it is your money. Do not be mad and to sign with the web hosting at a lower price of the company – which almost certainly will not be sorry!

Put ‘me through the ringer
when you think about it, web hosting companies are like a major appliance, a little ‘like a washing machine or dryer. All the different models perform the same basic function, but each has its own special perk to try to convince them to choose. Just like washing machines, there is both a low end and high-end price tag. At the high end you pay for extra features of fantasy: the cycles of spin or maybe extra electronic dials. For web hosting companies these are features like unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space, and unlimited e-mail. And just like a washing machine, web hosting companies are good and bad after-purchase or guarantees. You may have a tendency to go for the top of the line or the cheapest hosting company, but resist!

A true “best” web hosting company history
I fell victim to cheaper “is the best” mentality. Although I am a veteran long time to create websites, I was deceived by the cheap price tag of a new-kid-on-the-block web hosting company. Unconsciously, I thought, “all hosting is the same, so the best web hosting company is the cheapest.” What stupid mistake, especially for a web veteran like me. I happily paid 3.99 per month for unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth – all things seem more common than expected in a web host. However, what I was actually paying 3.99 per month for missed was support, unexplained downtime and unavailability of the site, and a huge headache. Basically I was stuck with a pile full of dirty laundry nice and just wanted my money so I could buy a different car wash. Eventually, I ended up getting my money back, but only after weeks of stress and feel very frustrated. I need just to do my duty in this particular hosting company and jumping quickly at an economical price. (By the way, the company is now out of business)
UPDATE: 2 years after they tried to implement a renewal fee of me!

Think of money the right way
now; I do not blame anyone for the use of prices as the main criteria for choosing the best web hosting company. It ‘just my middle-class nature to try to save a dollar or two ;) However, when I sat back and thought about the nightmare I went through with this company for $ 4 months, I knew if I went with a $ 6 or $ 7 per month, consolidated hosting company, I only pay 24 or 36 dollars more a year. A price I gladly pay for the regular service and peace of mind – especially when you consider the torment and frustration that I spent. With hindsight it is easy for me to say after the fact, but I guarantee if you are in the same situation as I was with a web hosting company Deadbeat, to the same conclusion to pay $ 2 or $ 3 more months!

“Best” is the same as being good at the basics “”
Find the best web hosting company should not be trial and error experimentation, and certainly not recommend it as such. Signed a contract with a company web host, although it may have a money back guarantee, it is more of a commitment, you might realize. For example, if you purchase a hosting package and decide you want your refund within satisfaction guaranteed advertising time limit, most likely you will have to go through pain to transfer your domain name (which is never refunded). Also, if the web hosting company really wants to hang out to dry, you may grope at the expense of paying for the bandwidth and space that was used in the meantime (read the fine print). This is why you should do some ‘good research and find out who is the best web hosting company for you the first time. When shopping for the best web hosting company, focus on the basics. Who has a good reputation to make the web hosting core responsibilities? The following is a list of the main features and characteristics that should allow each web hosting company about when shopping around:

Bandwidth Transfer
Storage Space
Languages (PHP, Perl, Ruby)
Control Panel (Fantastico)
Satisfaction history
Years in Business

One suggestion for the more experienced web
Here’s a tip if you plan to have more than one website / domain: Many hosting companies allow you to have multiple domain names per account hosting. This way you pay a single monthly fee of hosting packages for its ability to host multiple domains. For example: You can register domains two.COM (for about $ 10 per year) and then use a hosting package for both domains (which costs about $ 7/month). This is a great way to save money.

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