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There are many operating systems available on the market today. Two operating system much like that we can find is the Linux and UNIX. However, there is a big problem of knowledge for you to choose what is best for you. An obvious comparison is to be done in order to know that it is more appropriate.

If you have small or medium scale, a Linux system is suitable for you. Larger organizations are used to using a UNIX system, but there are signs of change that is increasingly starting to use Linux. Linux was not the ideal choice for large enterprises, because it seemed he could manage the network, but this has taken a turn in recent years. This is possible with the introduction of better software by software developers. Not only that, Linux has also been widely used in computer science and operations of the web server. However, if you need to handle more complex operations, with more than one process or UNIX systems will prove a better choice.

Another thing that differentiates these two systems is their cost. There is also the question of distribution to consider too. A Linux system is usually free, because we can get from open sources. However, some situations require a payment once as a severe addiction. Being an open source distribution has undergone many changes, because different dealers have different game plan. Current assets for the Linux distributors that often feel are Fedora, Mandrake, Red Hat and SUSE. They are the front-runners. Furthermore, UNIX has a higher cost, because it is open source software. In today’s market, complete with a UNIX server hardware would cost around $ 25,000 to $ 259,000. It could cost even more high-end servers with the built package ranging from $ 500,000.

Popularity wise, Linux has received more hype in recent years than in all other systems available on the market. Just judging from the number of Linux hosting solutions can provide sufficient to demonstrate the growing popularity of Linux. Even the major UNIX vendors are trying to make their operating system more compatible with Linux systems. These companies are companies like IBM, HP and Sun the only conclusion we can do UNIX system that is trying to be more viable and integrated with other systems like Linux.

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