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Just as many of us were ready to give up on Windows and migrate over to Mac OS, we become aware that some notebooks are being sold with Linux already installed and we can’t help wonder what the benefits would be if we actually learned about and / or tried Linux.

Linux has been in use since its inception in the 60s, but many advances needed to be made before it became what would be considered serious competition for Windows or other hosting servers.

It seems, however, that Linux is indeed offering this competition and offsite Linux web hosting is much more readily available than even a few years ago.

The beauty with Linux is in its flexibility and its ability to work across all platforms. In a way, Linux is to operating systems what .pdf formatting is to document control. Even though Linux for desktop computers and notebooks (or netbooks) is still fairly rare, there are some real tech savvy users out there who learned long ago that Linux eliminates many of the problems that Windows users have complained about for years, and users such as these are promulgating the expansion of Linux across the personal computing front.

However, Linux has become one of the top business standards over the past decades and many businesses have integrated Linux OS into their systems and use Linux servers almost exclusively.

Linux’s major attribute is its inherent ability to work across all platforms. When it comes to Linux hosting, a company that offers Linux compatibility has probably at some point migrated from Unix or still incorporates Unix in its offerings. Linux is actually an offshoot of the high performance OS standard that found its footing starting in the 80s.

As with any type of compatibility issue, any organization using Linux will need to source out and reference check a hosting company that is able to provide not only Linux servers, but can provide the necessary Linux technical support and backup that is mandatory in order to fulfill its mission which is true server hosting.

Linux itself may be a more applicable operating system for the masses, but its inherent necessity for a support organization to learn yet one more operating system literally inside and out is a bit precarious at best.

In order to trust your Linux files to an offsite Linux web hosting company make certain their technical support group has been duly certified in the intricacies of Linux’s use.

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